Monday, October 12, 2015

New Cat Woes

I grew up with cats and love them as pets. They're low maitenence, funny, and loving. Cody got me a cat for my 27th birthday a year a half ago. Her name is Quinn. She's incerdibly cute and a little crazy. Here's Quinn:

I have always felt guilty leaving her alone all day while we're at work and thought it would be nice fo her to have a friend. I've been casually browsing the Humane Society website and on Friday I found a young, male cat. I knew I wanted a male because it would be less likely for Quinn to be aggressive toward him than if it was a female. Anyway, without too much thought or preparation, we ran off to the Humane Society on Friday afternoon and swept him up before someone else could adopt him.
Here's Bruce:

He's extremely affectionate and laid back. He seems to be adjusting well and though he's not eating a ton (which I'll keep an eye on), seems to like his new home. The problem is Quinn. She's completely freaked out. I read a ton online about how to approach this and we've kept them in separate rooms but feed them on the either side of the same door. We've pet them with the same towel to comingle their scents. We've swapped their spaces so that they get used to each other and we've brought him in the room in his carrier. She growls, hisses, and arches her back. She isn't aggressive, but just seems extremely afraid. She has lived alone with us for about a year but before that she lived with another cat for about six months so I thought she had been a least a little socialized with other cats.

I'm feel completely guilty. I know I'm being dramatic, but I feel like I've ruined Quinn's life, when the whole point of this was to get her a friend. And I feel bad for Bruce because he must feel like the new kid that no one likes. I'm hoping this will improve and just take time. I read it might take weeks for her to warm up. But after just three days I feel like accommodating these cats completely dominated my time! We're also moving in three weeks so it will be good to bring them both to neutral territory. That's all for my crazy cat lady rant. But if anyone has advice on this front, I am all ears!


  1. Okay, so now after I responded to your email, I read this haha.

    Don't worry, don't feel guilty. They will eventually adapt. Keep doing what you are doing, and give Quinn lots of love. Her world has been turned upside down. Seriously, like I said in my email - it took my oldest one a few weeks to fully get used to the second, and a couple of months to get used to the third. I have no experience with different sexes though, I've only ever had girls.

    When you move, keep them separated still, but when you are settled in on the first night, put butter on their paws. I don't know why, my mum always did it. It soothes them because it forces them to clean themselves, and when they clean themselves they feel comfortable in their surroundings. Could be a bunch of hocus pocus, but hey. It works.

    1. Hey Kristen! How long did you wait before you let them physically meet each other?