Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Dress Shopping

I was not looking forward to dress shopping. I don't like any type of clothes shopping or trying things on. But to my surprise, wedding dress shopping is fun!

I went into my first appointment pretty clueless. I had one picture that I showed them.

They didn't have that dress (it's discontinued now) and I didn't give them much other guidance. I did know that it was important to me that the shape of the dress was flattering. I didn't want to get stuck on a certain silhouette if it wasn't right for my body. So, I spent most of that first appointment trying on different shapes.

#1: I didn't like the straps or how structured the top was

#2: This was my mom and sister's favorite. I thought I looked so fat. Then when I saw the picture it looked completely different.

#3: I thought this shape really wasn't flattering and it's hard to tell from the picture but the front dipped down extremely low

#4: This was one of the favorites. And the price was awesome. But in the end, I just felt like I could do better.

#5: I guess you can tell from my ridiculous face how I felt about that one. I did like the top though and they even tried to get me to put a different skirt on it.

#6: I think they were trying to get the feel of the bolero that I wanted. This felt like something someone royal would wear

#7: Trying something different 

#8: And yet another style

#9: I saw this as we were getting ready to leave and asked to try it. I loved it and it was definitely the front runner when we left. I would have covered the front sheer part to make it less scandalous.  I felt great in it but I still had my idea of a separte bolero stuck in my mind.

That weekend we went to my second appointment.  I went in with a clearer idea of what I wanted. I know my sister took pictures of everything I tried on, including the last dress from my first appointment but I honestly liked almost nothing. In the end, I told them I really wanted two separate pieces and they came through. I bought a dress from one designer and a bolero from another! And I think it was perfect for a chilly November wedding!

I wore Tom's wedges

Right before our first dance I lost the bolero and added this lace belt

Cody gave me pearls for my wedding gift so I put those on after I took off my bolero

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  1. WOW!! You look absolutely stunning in your wedding dress. I love love love it! When I went dress shopping I brought to many people which resulted in too many opinions. I had tried on so many I started getting confused and felt pressured by family to pick a certain dress. So I did. The whole night after I couldn't stop thinking about a different dress that I tried on that I loved but my family didn't. So I went back and asked to try on the one I loved (thankfully it is a small bridal boutique where the owner was who was assisting me). I ended up changing it to the one I wanted! :):)

  2. Oh my gosh you look amazing! Your dress looked so wonderful on you, the perfect one! Out of all the dress photos I like the one you chose the best and #9 is a close second.

  3. I miss wedding dress shopping! I love what you chose it looks amazing on you =)

  4. Love your dress!!! I'm going to be attending my second bridal appointment next week after only having 30 minutes for my first one so I'm definitely hoping for more time to figure out what I want. Also, how were the TOMS wedges? I've seen them around and think they look great and would be so comfortable. - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your dress. The lace bolero is gorgeous. I like the 2nd dress as well, but the one you choose just looks amazing. Congrats.