Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Moving Tips for Lazy People

We moved this last weekend and Cody and I both on several occasions shouted "I hate moving!!" Luckily, we don't plan to do it again any time soon. (Well, last year we weren't planning to move this year so we'll see what happens). Moving can be a great opportunity to get organized and downsize your number of belongings. But I think that's much more necessary if you've been in your home for a long time and have way too many things. We have only been in our place a year and we don't have much stuff. In fact, if we hadn't gotten wedding gifts last fall, we'd have almost nothing. Many of these tips don't work if you're hiring movers. They have rules about how things need to be packed. We rented a UHaul and Cody and his friend Ryan moved everything. We know that once we have a house, doing everything ourselves won't be as feasible. So I guess these are moving tips for cheap people, too.


  • Sell as many things as you can. If you sell it you don't have to move it. Better yet, make the buyers pick it up from your place. We sold our giant bookcase, a sound system, and two chairs. We also made a couple hundred bucks! If you're going to buy new things, wait until after you've moved.

  • Minimize the amount of actual packing you have to do. 

  • Leave all of your clothes on the hangers. This can get tricky if they start falling off while moving. So then you can just slip a garbage bag over the clothes and strings around the top of the hanger. We put all of our hanging clothes in my car instead of the truck. But then we could just lift them out, then into the new closets.

  • Leave all of your other clothes in the drawers. They can remove the drawers from the dressers and just carry them into the truck, full of already folded clothes.

  • Pad breakables with clothing to maximize packing space and kill two birds with one stone.

  • Pack spices/other foods in slow cooker or baking pans.

  • Wrap things like picture frames and larger art in blankets and tape it up.

  • Eat all of your food. We put any food we were moving into coolers. But I didn't do any grocery shopping for about 10 days before we moved so that we were forced to finish things.

  • Throw things away. If you can't sell it, chuck it. If you don't you're just going to have to move it again next time when you inevitably don't use it again.

  • One more tip for the cheap people: Don't buy boxes. They're expensive. We've shared some with friends, gotten some from liquor stores, and I've gotten them from work (paper boxes from the copy room). You can also buy and resell moving materials on Craigslist.

We're almost settled in so I can't wait to post some pictures of the new place!


  1. I am aaaalll about the throwing things away and leaving clothes on the hangers (I even do that when we go on vacation - hotels NEVER have enough hangers).

  2. lol @ Eat all of your food. so true! packing and moving ugh suck so bad! but we totally don't buy boxes, we definitely just grab them from work and stuff.

  3. We've never hired movers either.. always did it ourselves. But now I think after moving into a house we just have waaay too much heavy things so next time we'll be hiring, but that won't be for years. I don't take anything off of hangers either =) Packing breakable things with clothing is a really good idea!