Monday, November 23, 2015

First Anniversary Celebration

We were lucky to be able to spend the whole weekend celebrating our anniversary!

Friday 11/13

Cody told me he had something planned but wouldn't reveal what. When I finished my workout he even asked me to kill some time at a coffee shop to finish preparations. I came home to candlelight, my favorite wines, music from our favorite movie playing, and an exact replica of our wedding dinner being prepared by Cody!

We had a lovely dinner and watched our favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally.

Saturday 11/14

While our actual anniversary is the 15th, we had our big date planned for Saturday night.

Stop #1 - We drove into downtown St. Paul and walked around Rice Park and past our wedding venue. There was another wedding happening that night, almost 50 degrees warmer than last year!

We went across the street to the St. Paul Hotel where the girls and I got ready on the wedding day and Cody and I stayed that night. We had a cocktail at the St. Paul Grill where we hung out after the wedding.

Stop #2 - Dinner at Heartland in Lowertown St. Paul. 

We had an INCREDIBLE dinner that lasted about three hours.

Stop #3 - We made our way back toward home with the help of Uber and had some final cocktails.

Then back at home I gave Cody his gifts.

Sunday 11/15

We went out for dinner with my parents at Patrick McGovern's, where we had our rehearsal dinner. Then we came home and watched our ceremony and speeches video and had some wedding cake! Our bakery advised against freezing our cake and instead made us a complimentary one this year for our anniversary!

It was an amazing weekend full of love!


  1. This sounds perfect! I can't believe he replicated your entire wedding dinner.. that's amazing! What were your gifts to him? I'm having a hard time deciding on my first anniversary gift to Michael especially since it's three days after Christmas.

    Also, I made the same coffee table =)

  2. Oh my gosh, the replica dinner is definitely my favorite part of your weekend - how thoughtful! Looks like the perfect weekend :)

  3. awww what a lovely celebration! y'all really went all out. love it.