Thursday, October 29, 2015

Goodbye to Our First Home

Cody and I are moving into a new apartment November 1st. We moved into our first place two weeks before our wedding and it was the first time we'd lived together! We had made a decision to wait until we got married to live together. However, we also didn't want to move my stuff on our wedding weekend. So we moved everything and I was planning to stay at my parents' until November 15th. That totally didn't happen.

We found this place with the thought that we wanted to save money on rent before buying a house. It definitely enabled us to save money. However, we still aren't ready to buy a house. We really want to pay off all of our student loan debt before buying. Since that will be a longer process, we need to rent in a place we can stand for longer. In other words, it needs to be bigger.

I'm sad to say goodbye to our first home and the neighborhood (we are moving almost 10 miles away and to a different city). Our first year of marriage happened here. We became husband and wife, became cat parents, I became a real cook, Cody started becoming a beer expert, we hosted family and friends, and our relationship with each other deepened. We grew a lot together and it was so special. But I'm SO excited for our new neighborhood and to settle into a longer term home. I can't wait to see which memories are built there and how much more special a place it will be to us than the first!

Living Room

Beautiful wedding gifts on the wall and DIY coffee table we made together.

Cody's project. I think we utilized this random/awkward space pretty well :)

DIY project on the wall


Our Bedroom

It's killing me that the pillows aren't centered

The chair that was only used for throwing my dirty clothes on.

We always had huge piles of laundry here since we had no washer or dryer.


Second Bedroom/Office

Futon for guests, Cody's PS4, beer fridge with stickers from every brewery we visit

My vanity area

My desk. With cat, of course.



  1. This was fun to look through, especially with everything now in boxes. Thanks for putting this together dear!

  2. You'll always have your memories there =) Enjoy having more space!! We went from a 700sq ft apartment to our 1200 sq ft house and it feels like a mansion lol

  3. What a cute place! I love it. Can't wait to see your new one.

  4. awww it's such a cute house! love what you all did with all the space, and how cool that you collect stickers from every brewery. we were only in our first place - an apartment - for 13 months, but we still think of it often, for some of the reasons you mentioned - first year of marriage, and of course, we became cat parents (twice). yay for new memories though!