Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Falling for Minneapolis

Late post today! But I'm excited to link up to tell why I love fall in Minneapolis so much. When people think of Minnesota, they typically think of this:

Funny thing is, yes, we do get a lot of snow. But a large portion of our winter is actually SO cold that it's too cold to snow.

Anyway, back to fall. Given that people who live here are crazy enough to endure the above, they aren't really built for the heat and humidity of summer. Also, Minneapolis' population is one of the most active in the country. Really! I read it on the internet. So people like to be active and don't like the heat. Thus, fall is the best time to take advantage of one of the best features of Minneapolis: The Chain of Lakes.

There are a group of lakes right in the middle of Minneapolis and they are gorgeous. I used to live right on the east side of Lake Calhoun and could look over the lake from my rooftop. It was amazing, except the parking was a nightmare.

Each lake is slightly different. Calhoun is the busiest and has the most young people running around. They have a restaurant called The Tin Fish which serves amazing fish tacos. Lake Harriet is more family friendly and has a cute cafe called Bread and Pickle which has the most amazing truffle popcorn. Lake of the Isles has the nicest houses around it and has interesting islands and peninsulas. 

You can follow a path around all three lakes, totalling ten miles. It was really nice to use them during marathon training and last August/September I was there every weekend. 

Here are some pretty photos of the lakes:

Sadly, I no longer live immediately next to the lakes, but am right near the Mississippi River so here's a shot from my run today. 57 degrees and totally comfortable (in my opinion).

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  1. How wonderful! We would love to live near lakes and great paths for running! I'm no "runner" but I'm trying haha my husband Jose really enjoys it though his knees have been hurting recently! Thanks so much for linking up!!! Love the photos! And love that you added the map photo for us to see!!!! So sweet!


  2. I love cities with parts on the water. When I lived in Atlanta I was so claustrophobic.. I used to run and the ability to do it along the river would've been so much better. So funny though that 57 degrees is your fall.. people here would be breaking out the snowsuits haha

  3. Fall in Minneapolis does look so pretty! One of my college teammates/roommate lives in Minnesota and I always say I need to go visit her. Maybe fall is the perfect time to go :) Thanks for linking up with us!