Friday, October 16, 2015

5 Things on Friday 10/16

-one- Four day weekend! Every year Education Minnesota holds a conference for teachers to gain credits for relicensure. Therefore we always get two days off of school. I'm way ahead on my relicensure credits so I'm enjoying some relaxtion! Well, I did some work yesterday and today but it was from the comfort of my couch in sweatpants and that makes a difference!

-two- The new Pumpkin Almond Milk smoothie at Jamba Juice. YUM! It packs all the flavor of many of the pumpkin spice fall products but is made with no dairy and no high fructose corn syrup! One of my new favorites.

-three- I love this deep conditioner from Target. It comes in little packets for a couple bucks each and I stretch them to be two uses. I've used plain coconut oil to deep condition my hair before but I thought this had a greater effect. When my hair feels a little dry and dull I slather it on during a long shower and can definitely feel a difference. And it smells amazing!

-four- I tried this recipe this week for Whole 30 compliant cashew chicken. The flavor was great and it satisfied a craving I've been having for Chinese food. There are a couple random ingredients (tapioca flour and arrowroot starch). I tried substituting them with coconut flour the first time and the flavor was still good but the texture got strange. So it's worth grabbing the two, especially since I know I'll make the recipe again.


-five- Major progress on the cat front! I was freaking out at the beginning of the week that this was never going to work out. Kristen was so sweet to give me a ton of advice about how to slowly introduce them and look what I just found!

Now, I'm sure if Bruce advanced even slightly Quinn would still hiss and bat as his face. But now I'm much more optimisic about their blossoming friendship.

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  1. that jamba smoothie looks delicious. i keep seeing DIY recipes for pumpkin shakes, but jamba usually knows what they're doing :)