Friday, October 30, 2015

Simply Me Linkup October

I found today's link-up through Jacquelyn and it's hosted by Liz. It's a monthly linkup to just tell a little bit more about yourself! Here are my answers to this month's questions.

1. How many states have you lived in?


Born and raised in Minnesota and living there now.

Massachusetts. I went to Boston University for college.

2. My favorite state is __________.

Even though it seems boring to say the state where I currently live, I have to say Minnesota. If it wasn't my favorite, I'd leave.

3. Why do you live in the state you currently live?

Well, like I said, I love Minnesota. But I don't think I truly discovered how much Minnesota and the Twin Cities had to offer until I moved back at age 23.  Before that, I wasn't living in a different state, but actually in China. I'd spent 4 years in Boston, 4 months traveling all over, then a year in China. I was jobless and unattached and looking all over the country for jobs. I was interested in Chicago, Washington DC, or going back to Boston. But after some thought, when it came down to it, I moved back to Minnesota to be near my family. And I'm sure glad I did :)

4. Would you move to another state?

Actually, despite everything I said above, yes. I've always said to Cody that if he got a job somewhere else, I'd go anywhere (with a few exceptions). I'm not particularly keen on living in a rural area. But I love going new places so I'd give anything a shot. But once we have children, I'd sure like them to live near their grandparents. I also think my parents feel so strongly about that that they might follow us somewhere.

5. What is your state known for?

You want to know about Minnesota, you say? Well, I have plenty to tell you. When I went to college in Boston and told people I was from Minnesota, they were quick to tell me I talked funny. Then they said they didn't actually know where Minnesota was and ask "Is that, like, by Canada?"

There we are!

The first thing most people know about Minnesota is that it's cold. There's no getting around that. It's cold. And for a really long time. Sometimes I describe it to non-Minnesotans as "so cold your snot freezes when you breathe in". I wish I was kidding.

Your typical morning commute, November through April

But! If you're cold you don't even necessarily need to go outside! All of downtown Minneapolis is connected by skyways.

cool, right?

And while Minnesotans get outside all year long, even outsiders can appreciate the physical beauty of the state during the warm half of the year. I posted recently that my favorite aspect is the lakes. Did you know we have over 10,000? And the North Shore along Lake Superior is spectacular.


The people are the nicest! You'll always have someone to hold a door for you, pick up something you dropped, or bake you a hot dish (casserole). And they speak in the cutest accents. Minnesotan moms have the thickest ones. Think of the movies Fargo (that's actually North Dakota) or Drop Dead Gorgeous. 

We also have one of the biggest state fairs in the nation and are known for having deep fried everything on a stick. We had the first indoor shopping malls and now the biggest (Mall of America). Do you like Target? You're welcome.


I don't know outer Minnesota very well. But the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and Saint Paul) have so much more to offer than people from other places realize. They have an incredible craft beer scene, world class restaurants and a unique food truck abundance. Minneapolis is second only to New York City for number of theaters per capita. And seemingly in an effort to take advantage of nice weather while we have it, there is a festival for everything from bacon to cat videos.



I know it's hard to get past the cold part but if you ever want to come visit, let me know!

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  1. This is going to sound super ignorant but I didn't realize until looking at that map how far north Minnesota is!! I like the fact that the city has all those skyways.. my brother tells me in Houston it's the opposite and they have a bunch of tunnels connecting everything because it's so hot. Glad you found the linkup- good luck moving this weekend =)

  2. This was very educational. Minnesota, I knew it was cold. I'm from New York (upstate) and our winters could be brutal. Living in NC now and when snow hits, it shuts the city down like for an inch. Comical! So glad to hear you'd be around the grandparents when you have children. I'm a grandmother now and live near my little ones and it truly is the icing on the cake in raising them. From Liz's Simply Me link up. So glad to meet you.

  3. You live in the state I'd love to live in! i always felt like Minnesota was known for the 10,000 lakes and the Mall of America! It's something that I feel like everyone wants to go to. I feel like Minnesotan drivers are so much nicer too.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. that's pretty cool that you don't have to go outside if you don't want to. for reals though, i could 100% not handle being that cold. i'm such a baby, i can barely handle kentucky's winter.