Monday, October 19, 2015

What I'd Tell Myself Then

People often talk about what they'd say to their younger selves. I thought it would be interesting to think about what I would say to myself (succinctly) at each different age. I have this book and pick it up every so often to read a letter of what some of the world's most amazing women would say to their younger selves.

What I Know Now - Letters to My Younger Self

Age 16 (2003): Not everything will come easily to you. Work hard, ask more questions, and develop a growth mindset.

Age 17 (2004): You are not fat. You don't need to diet.

Age 18 (2005): You are funny and interesting. Don't be shy.

Age 19 (2006): Put girlfriends before your boyfriend.

Age 20 (2007): Just break up with him. He's awful.

Age 21 (2008): Throw caution to the wind and have fun. You only get certain opportunities once. Put yourself out there to make friends and build relationships.

Age 22 (2009): What a great choice to live abroad. You will never regret this.

Age 23 (2010): While this seems fun, he's also not the one. It gets much better than this.

Age 24 (2011): Grad school will end and you will live through it.

Age 25 (2012): All's fair in love and war. Follow your heart and let go of the guilt.

Age 26 (2013): You can't afford that apartment. Stop spending like you won the lottery.

Age 27 (2015): You're right where you're supposed to be. Enjoy it immensly.

Maybe next year I will know what I should have known at 28!


  1. Ha I have so much I would say to my younger self.. I guess I have to write it all down and give it to my daughter at every age, because if she's anything like me, she's going to need it lol

  2. this is hilarious.. i wish i had told my younger self to break up with my awful boyfriend, and that i wasn't fat. but would i have listened? probably not.

  3. Aw, I love this. So many things I would tell my former self! It's funny to look back on it now and know what you know right?