Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our Second Home

We hosted Friendsgiving on Friday so when we cleaned up the whole place, I thought it was a great opportunity to finally snap some pictures of our new home. It's come together well and we absolutely LOVE it and the neighborhood. I get kind of emotional when I think about all of the amazing memories we will have here. It was so wonderful to have the space to host 15 friends last night. I can't wait to have family over for Thanksgiving and have many more holidays in this space. Who knows, this might even be the home where we bring home a baby!

Living Room

View walking in the front door


Cody also hopes to put a kegerator/keezer out here

Dining Room

Our new table that I am obsessed with




Second Bedroom

Currently a grooming/gaming room

Requisite dozing cat picture (with second cat photo bombing)


  1. oh my gosh the second cat photobomb is the best part of this post haha. but seriously, your house is super cute! and so are your cats.

  2. I LOVE your dining room table! That's like exactly what I want, but it won't fit in my dining area so I need to wait until we do an addition. So happy for you that you have a new home that you love!