Friday, November 6, 2015

2016: Our Year of Travel

We got married in fall 2014 and took at amazing honeymoon to Italy in December/January. We also took a quick roadtrip to Milwaukee in August 2015. However, we really committed to getting our finances in order during our first year of marriage and didn't take many big trips. It feels great to have a plan in place for paying off our debt, establishing a solid savings, and buying a home. However, this is a long term process. I also firmly believe this:

Therefore, we are making 2016 our year of travel. I am going to teach an after school program two afternoons a week and have volunteered to be on two paid committees at work. Cody is going to work at a local brewery to generate some extra funds for these plans. We don't want to derail the plan for paying off debt so we hope this extra income will provide more flexibility.

1. Road Trip
Projected Time: June, hopefully between the end of the school year and summer school

We are thinking Kentucky. I've never been south except for Florida. One of our best friend's brothers lives in Louisville so we talked about taking a roadtrip, four of us to Bourbon Country. It should be about 12 hours from Minnesota. I'm sure there is more to offer than just the libations. But we still have more to research about that :)


Serious Camping Trip
Projected Time: Late July/Early August, right after summer school ends

We've camped a lot but it's all been in small campgrounds. We'd like to go to the Boundary Waters. But knowing how serious that is, I'd be open to other places where we can hike in. I want to do something challenging that feels like an accomplishment. And let's be real, I'm not gonna canoe, portage, or hike when we have young children.

Boundary Waters, MN

Definite Time: August 5-20

This one is already in the works! We already booked our flights and are in the planning stages. My parents, my sister, her boyfriend, Cody, and I will all fly to Dublin together. My sister and I are planning to run the Dublin Rock and Roll Half Marathon on the 7th. Then we will travel to Galway and Limerick all together. For the second week we will probably split up a little bit but Cody and I are hoping to have stops in Kilarney and Cork as well. Ever since I met Cody he's talked about going to Ireland so I can't wait for him to experience it!

Guinness Gravity Bar
Cliffs of Moher

Las Vegas
Projected Time: October 20-23

This is our typical Vegas weekend. Every year Education Minnesota has a conference and therefore we get time off of school. 2012 we met in Las Vegas on that weekend. 2013 we got engaged on there on that weekend. 2014 Cody went there on his bachelor party (I went for my bachelorette in August). We skipped 2015 but we definitely want to make another trip in 2016!

I love this time of year there because it's the last weekend the pools are open so it's not too hot. We love to walk the strip, check out other hotels, and people watch. Cody likes to gamble but I rarely do. I've stayed at Mirage, Mandalay Bay, and Palazzo so I'd like to stay somewhere new. Maybe Cosmopolitan or Aria?

The strip!

Saint Martin/Sint Maarten
Projected Time: Winter Break 2016

We've never been anywhere tropical together and want to do a different kind of trip. I've been to Mexico and Grand Cayman so we want to try somewhere different. Saint Martin is unique because half of the island is Dutch and the other half French. We'd like to relax and explore!

A two for one destination!

Have you been to any of these places? What are your recommendations?

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  1. Sounds so nice!

  2. I'm excited to hear all about these trips once you go! I've been to St. Maarten a couple times but only on cruises. I've never left Phillipsburg except for a catamaran tour to a private island. It's beautiful.

    Road trips are absolutely my favorite type of trip. I think because you don't really have to be somewhere at a certain time- flights stress me out so bad. I also like being able to just load your stuff in the car and not worry about packing it good or running out of room. We really want to go to Louisville too I've heard really great things and I LOOOVE bourbon haha

  3. ahhhhh how exciting!!

    yay Louisville! you should come for the Derby, especially if you are driving and have somewhere to stay because flights and accommodation are the most expensive. i actually have a post scheduled next week about Louisville, hopefully it helps :)

    I love Vegas! I really want to go back. I have been 3 times, once on our honeymoon. I love the history that you guys have with it :) you definitely need to go back!

    DUBLIN!!! how exciting. I loved Dublin, and I did not expect to love it at all.

    Yay for 2016 :)

  4. So much fun ahead! I love planning trips for the year. I missed one I had on my radar this year so hopefully I can hit it next year. Right now in focusing on planning a surprise trip over NYE to Vegas. My fiancé has no idea so in super excited to surprise him since h really wanted to go over his birthday this year but it didn't work out. And then with that in trying to squeeze in Arizona so we will see if that works out. Next year won't be as much with all our money going to the wedding but 2017 I am so ready for ;)