Friday, November 13, 2015

Five Things on Friday 11/13

-one- We moved into our new place on November 1st and have no been able to have our internet hooked up yet. Yesterday we finally had an appointment to have it set up and guess what?! No show. So we are now on day 13 with no internet. I know that this is not an actual problem and that it has actually helped us settle our new home much more quickly but I do feel a little like we've regressed into the dark ages :)

-two- We got our first Blue Apron box yesterday! I used a discount code from NPR and got three meals for $39.95. It's obviously more expensive than if you just grocery shopped yourself but less expensive than going out to eat. They ship all of the ingredients to your door, portioned out, with all of the recipes and you just have to get cooking. I love cooking and this is a way for me to try recipes I wouldn't think of myself. Here's what we got:

Chicken Khao Soi Soup

Lentil Bolognese

Crispy Cod and Spiced Couscous with Acorn Squash

-three- We have a dining room for the first time and we have had so much fun putting it together. I'm going to write a whole post on how we scored an amazing farmhouse table and bench for a totally affordable price. But has been great for finding chairs.

We got two of these chairs for the ends of the table for only $155.00

And we got four of these metal chairs for one side for only $75.00! We'll have a wooden bench on the other side of the table.

-four- This week Cody started working part time at a brand new brewery in Minneapolis. He has been studying to become a cicerone (fancy name for a beer expert) and recently passed the first step as a Certified Beer Server. While he's still working full time in politics, this is a really enjoyable thing to do on the side and a great way to earn some extra money for all of our upcoming travels. They opened their doors for the first time on Wednesday and I went in for a beer and to check it out last night. The taproom is amazing and it looks like it will be so much fun!

-five- Sunday is our first anniversary! I can't for a weekend of celebrations!

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  1. Happy anniversary!! So exciting that a year has already gone by! Also, those meals look really good. I keep seeing these codes floating around, and I really want to try them!