Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: What Everyone Else Wore

Almost as soon as I chose my dress we set out to choose bridesmaid dresses. My sister and maid of honor was the only one that lived in Minneapolis so we went shopping with my mom and then gave the other girls options that she liked best.

We went shopping at Flutter Boutique in Minneapolis and I wish I'd known about them when I was dress shopping! However, I think their bridesmaid dress selection was even better than their bridal gowns. Since we were having a November wedding and my ladies preferred it, I knew that I wanted long dresses. I also knew I wanted navy blue. Otherwise, I let Amy decide!

Here's what they tried on:

Anything short could be made long and they all could be done in navy. I loved the center and bottom left ones but selfishly didn't want the bridesmaids to have more lace than me.

Then I sent pictures of the dresses and they called said what they liked. They went with this beautiful dress from Amsale. I also love how their different hair colors looked with it!

As for the guys, I had this vision of all the groomsmen in one suit and Cody in a different one. I'm not sure Cody was 100% about that idea but he got on board for his bride. They found a sale at Jos. A. Bank and it was a way better deal to buy their suits than rent. The groomsmen wore grey with a navy tie. Cody wore navy with a grey tie. I thought they looked great!

Here are some shots of what our Junior Bridesmaids wore from the Wedding Shoppe and our moms wore.

I could not smile anymore at this point, haha

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  1. I love the dresses your gals ended up with! Our guys also bought their suits, it ended up being such a great deal! When we all went shopping I just made it known that they needed to be chiffon and mint, they went from there and I was so happy with how it turned out.

  2. My colors are just like yours so this is my favorite wedding I've seen! I'm getting married two weeks from this Saturday and seeing your photos makes me even more excited than I already am. You looked flawless!

  3. Oh awesome! I love that you had your husband wear the opposite! I want to do that too but haven't researched how it would look. Now I know :) it looks amazing! I just hate looking at pictures and thee ion just blends in with the groomsmen ahhhh so exciting I have to do this.

  4. your smile is so big it makes me smile :) love the bridesmaid dress choice, and your gown is so, so gorgeous <3

  5. I L-O-V-E the bridesmaid dresses you pick! I just adore the picture of you and your bridesmaids laughing. So candid and beautiful!