Thursday, February 4, 2016

What's New: February

I like doing little updates to document what's going on in life and I'm glad that Kristen and Gretchen are hosting a new linkup!

READING: The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. It's ok. I'm not flying through it and it seems to put me right to sleep every night when I'm only a couple of pages in.

As soon as I finish that I'm going to read How to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo for my book club!

LISTENING: Just found the Modern Love podcast from the NY Times and WBUR and I love all of the different love stories.

I'm also loving Reply All. I never thought I would like a tech/internet podcast but it's extremely interesting! This week they problem solved for a family who mysteriously had dozens of people showing up on their doorstep saying their 'find my phone' apps were saying their phone was in their house. Weird, huh!

WATCHING: The Bachelor! I looooooove The Bachelor and Bachelorette. It brightens my Mondays significantly. I think Ben is a nice and wholesome bachelor but he borders on bland. He's only 26 so his crop of women are extremely young and many immature. The drama is so exciting. I also found a Bachelor recap podcast called Here to Make Friends, made by two women from the Huffington Post. So, that way I can drag the Bachelor entertainment into Tuesday.


Also, just finished Making a Murderer. I don't think I was as hooked as others. Interesting but not entralling.

EATING: I ate the best thing in the world. I love dark chocolate and coconut. I know many people don't but if you like both, these are for you. Maybe someone should order me a box for Valentine's Day...
Link's right here, Cody ;)
DRINKING: Nothing. Lately drinking makes me feel like dog balls. Is this what growing up is like?

WORKING: We're in the middle of a huge testing window for all of the English Learners in Minnesota. It makes coming to work super boring.

ENJOYING: Maybe I'm crazy, but the snow! We were hit by Winter Storm Kayla on Tuesday night and it's still all clean and beautiful. It looks like Minnesota in the winter is supposed to look!


PLAYING: One Night Ultimate Werewolf. It's a fun game, kind of like Mafia, where people have certain roles and need to figure out who the werewolf is, but deceive each other as well. It's so much fun!

WISHING: For another vacation. I milked my winter break for every sleep-in, extra cup of coffee, and hour reading as I could. Spring break cannot come fast enough. 41 more days of school.

PLANNING: Travel galore!

What's New With You


  1. Yea I guess Making a Murderer was interesting.. BUT I don't think it was as awesome as people say. Do you think he's guilty? Lol

  2. i haven't watched making a murderer, it doesn't seem like my jam. have you read any other liane moriarty books? i enjoyed the husband's secret but it was my least favourite - big little lies and what alice forgot were amazing to me (for different reasons). big little lies was a stay up all night to finish it haha. i love chocolate and coconut, but i'm not a dark chocolate fan. although, it would probably taste good with coconut so i might have to check that out. thanks so much for linking up with us! :)

  3. The Husband's Secret wast definitely not my favorite Moriarty book. I thought people talked it up a lot, but it was actually my least favorite. Those coconut butter cups sound amazing. I need those in my life. Also I can relate to (sometimes) feeling like dog balls after drinking. I think it just depends how much I drink/what I drink/what I've eaten...and maybe other factors because I swear one night I can drink five drinks and be fine the next day and another I can drink three and hate life.