Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wanderlust Wednesday: Ireland

We leave August 5th for Ireland and to say there has been a lot of anticipation for this trip is a huge understatement. When I met Cody he was planning a trip to Ireland but was unfortunately laid off and had to cancel his plans. That was over three years ago. Not only that, but we started discussing this trip in August of 2015 and actually booked the flight in December. So we will definitely be excited by the time it comes! We are taking the trip with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend. My parents, Cody and I will stay in Ireland two full weeks but Amy and her boyfriend will go to Iceland after the first week.

Cody will probably find this post funny because I have been so entirely uninvolved with planning this trip. In fact, I had to scour some emails to figure out where the heck we are even going.

We have 14 nights total. Here are our stops:

1. Dublin - 3 Nights

My sister and I are going to run the Rock N Roll Half Marathon here.
Otherwise, we know we want to get to the Guinness brewery and the Jameson Distillery.


2. Galway - 2 Nights


3. Portmagee - 2 Nights


4. Limerick - 1 Night

Castle Mews

5. Cork - 2 Nights
Blarney Castle

6. ? - 3 Nights

We don't really know yet where we're headed after Cork. We are probably going to split up from my parents who are going to spend a few nights in Kinsale. We will take the car and drive around. Maybe we'll stay in a nice cottage out in the middle of nowhere. We'll see!

7. Back to Dublin - 1 Night

We fly out of Dublin early in the morning so we'll spend one last night there so we can get there easily.


Has anyone else been to Ireland? I'd love suggestions about your favorite things to do!

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  1. oh how exciting! i have only been to dublin, nowhere else in ireland. we loved it though and would love to see more of ireland. i am not a fan of guinness at all, but my husband is. we both loved the storehouse, so interesting and fun!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip ahead! I've never been to Ireland but Portmagee looks so pretty!

  3. We went to Ireland last year... you should look into the Powerscourt area - it's gorgeous. We stayed at the Autograph Collection hotel there... if you get the right price, it's probably worth it. It's a BEAUTIFUL hotel in the middle of gardens... but service was so so. We drove throughout the Rock of Cashel and a few other scenic areas. It was an adventure to be sure!

  4. Is it wrong I read this and instantly started singing Galway Girls from PS I Love You??

  5. So exciting! Your amazing trip will be here before you know it. Can't wait to see your recap of the Guiness tour and the rest of Dublin and Cork <3
    Green Fashionista