Wednesday, February 10, 2016

28 Things about Cody

His name is Cody James.
He works in politics.
He is starting a new job in government affairs on Monday.
He grew up in Wisconsin but has never been a Packers fan.
He loves the Vikings, Twins, and Wild, as well as Gopher sports.
He has also never liked cheese.
He loves pizza. He loves pizza so much.
He can make tater tot hot dish and tacos.
He bites his nails.
He loves our cat Quinn more than our other cat Bruce.
His favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.
He eats extremely quickly.
He makes me laugh every single day.
He has a scar across the bottom of his chin from falling off his bike as a child.
He cried more than me on our wedding day and wasn't at all embarrassed about it.
He is the best at planning dates and vacations.
He has two younger sisters but has the personality of an only child since he was one until he was 14.
He makes the bed every day, only because I like it.
He loves Star Wars.
He works part time at a local brewery.
He is pursuing becoming a cicerone (beer expert).
He drives a Ford F-150.
He's overly competitive while playing board games.
He is the most accommodating husband.
He is a master of the internet.
His number one travel destination is Ireland and we're going there in August.
He's my favorite person in the whole world.
Today he is 28.

Happy Birthday my sweet Cody!


  1. My husband cried more on our wedding day than me too and wasn't embarrassed at all. We want to go on an extremely belated honeymoon (some day if we can ever afford it) and travel to England, Ireland, and Scotland! Happy birthday to Cody!

  2. Thanks dear. You're so sweet! I love you!