Friday, February 19, 2016

Five Things that Happened on Friday 2/19

You ever have one of those mornings??

1. Because we live right by a college, there are always tons of people parking on our street. The night before the parking was particularly bad and I'd had to park a whole block away. Of course, when I walked out the door I had no recollection of where my car was.

2. Once my brain un-fogged, I shlepped my crap over to my car, set my coffee on top of the car aaaaaaaand, you guessed it! Coffee slipped and spilled evvvvvvverywhere. It literally painted my white car, splattered my leather boots, and soaked my sleeve.


3. I pulled the car around in front of our place and scrambled back inside to change my coat. But not before stepping on the cat!

4. Somehow, I still managed to get to work on time!

5. But as soon as I dumped my stuff and was ready to tear into a meeting I realized my computer was on 4% battery.

Aaaaaaaaand my charger was still at home.

Here's to the weekend!


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  1. AH that was a pretty crazy day! Hope you enjoyed some vino and better luck this weekend!