Friday, February 5, 2016

New Favorite Recipe: Paleo Carbonara

When I started eating paleo through Whole 30, I wasn't all about trying to recreate gluten and dairy filled foods in a paleo way. I figured if I was going to commit to this lifestyle, I wasn't going to spend my time pining for baked goods and cheesy entrees. However, this recipe is just plain delicious.

The Whole 30 Instagram page has different accounts guest post each week with new recipes. If your doing a Whole 30, it's a great resource. Claire Fong @justplainpaleo guest posted a while back and share this gem of a recipe. She also lives in Tokyo, makes extremely tasty food, has a cute cat, and I wish I could be friends with her.

For the full recipe, visit her page. But here's how it went when I made it.

To prep, roast a couple of spaghetti squash, chop up a zucchini, and crisp and chop up some bacon. This is the most time consuming part as you have to roast the spaghetti squash 30-40 minutes and then let it cool long enough to handle it.

I also add chicken to the recipe and cook it in the grease from the bacon.

Use some of the bacon grease to saute some garlic and your zucchini. I use this garlic from Trader Joe's, which is not Whole 30 compliant but is damn convenient. She recommends a cast iron skillet which I don't have but is on my wish list!

Add in your spaghetti squash to heat up.

Then add your bacon, and in my case chicken.

The key to this recipe is the sauce which is made from egg yolks, coconut cream, and nutritional yeast. You throw that in and mix it all up for a short time and it's ready.

Here's how it turned out for me!

Cody and I both love it and it reheats well as leftovers, too! 

Nutritional yeast is an interesting ingredient and I'm looking forward to trying it in more dishes. Here are some ideas for uses. I think I will scramble it into some eggs this weekend!

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  1. I will have to add this list to my meal plan soon! Jess at Just Jess

  2. My husband made me pasta carbonara for my birthday two years in a row and it's AMAZING. He's gluten free now though so I love the idea of using spaghetti squash! This looks amazing!

  3. i have never made anything with nutritional yeast, though i always see it in recipes. maybe one day i will try it!