Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The First

While it’s highly improbable that anyone would be reading a brand new blog, it seems fitting for a first post to be about me. If nothing else, I’ll find it interesting to look back on.
My life in less than a minute:
I was born in a suburb of Minneapolis and have one younger sister. We had an extremely ordinary yet lucky childhood. Craving new surroundings, I moved out East to attend Boston University. That resulted in a degree in economics which I have never used in any way, shape, or form. I spent my last semester of college aboard the MV Explorer in a program called Semester at Sea. Having gained even more wanderlust, I then moved to Southern China to teach English. I was then ready to move back home and be closer to my family. However, I fell in love with teaching so I pursued a Master’s degree and license to teach English as a Second Language. I have now been teaching at a north suburban elementary school for three years. I met my husband serendipitously in Las Vegas in 2012. We were engaged in the exact same location in 2013. We got married in 2014 and it was the best day of my life. We now live in Minneapolis with our cat.
Minneapolis-MN1-art 140518-boston-university-jms-1820_9be532a18f473799c0f9fc4f8fbb8c7b
A little more detail:
I have been a teacher of kindergarten through fifth grade English Learners for three years. It is simultaneously my biggest point of pride and the most challenging thing in my life.
Meeting and marrying Cody has been the most incredible experience of my entire life. I never knew I could love and feel loved as deeply as I have in the past two and a half years. I cannot wait to write our love story so we can remember every detail.
I used to be completely fixated on travel and the next place I could go. While I still crave it and hope to expand the places I’ve seen, I also love our home and the corner of Minneapolis we are now exploring. I also cannot wait to write more about the places I’ve been.
I love cooking. Our current kitchen leaves some things to be desired but I have been having fun cooking for two and trying new recipes. I am interested in shifting my eating habits to make me feel my best, including focusing on healthier foods and perhaps trying Whole 30 soon.
I ran a marathon last year. I still cannot believe it. I never considered myself a runner for at least the first 25 years of my life. While a marathon is certainly excessive, I love running for the mental clarity, the strength I’ve gained, the convenience, the ability to explore the city, and the accomplishment I have felt.
Cody and I are the midst of learning to budget. While in the privacy of our home, I sometimes refer to the budget using expletives, it’s kind of like a puzzle. Sometimes I sort of enjoy the challenge. Sort of.
I love coffee and wine. I used to work at a couple different coffee shops and a wine bar. I love them so much that I sometimes feel like pursuing becoming a sommelier. However, I enjoy boxed wine and instant coffee equally as much as fine wine and coffee so it probably won’t happen.
To end, here’s my favorite picture of me and my favorite person:
1836630_10102131351191930_241101399_o (1)
Can’t wait to write more!


  1. nice to meet you! that picture is adorable :) what, no pictures of your cat?? lol. a marathon -that's awesome! maybe one day that will be me. also, love that you used the word serendipitously :)

  2. yay welcome to the blogging world!! I love your header, that picture is really cute :) I'm stoked to read your love story when you write it. I love love stories (haha naturally) it's so fun to learn so much about you! keep up the blogging!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  3. Love this 'about you' post and I'm excited to follow along! :) How cool that you guys are from the same state but met halfway across the country!! My sister minored in TESOL and while she's a stay at home mom now, I always thought that was really cool! :)

  4. I went to grad school for second language education and got a lot of exposure to TESOL through other teachers in the program - it was eye-opening, for sure! I'm a runner so I congratulate you on your marathon and appreciate all your sentiments about running. I feel the same way. You've had so many exciting changes in the last year! Excited to follow along with you!