Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our First Date

This is the second installment in mine and Cody's love story. You can read my last post about How We Met.

So, as I said, after meeting Cody, as cute as he was, I figured I would never see him again. We all headed back to the midwest. I was dealing with a rapidly failing relationship and Cody was just living his life while his best friend and roommate was quickly falling for my friend he had met in Vegas. Despite the fact that she lived in Milwaukee, they started to date.

So when she came back to the Twin Cities to visit, the guys threw a party and I tagged along. I couldn't believe how fun Cody and his friends were. They were so welcoming and generous. I couldn't help but have an incredible time. I spent most of the night chatting with the girls I came with but later on in the night Cody made a beer induced confession that he was interested in me. I deflected his comment awkwardly, of course.

The party was mid-November and it took me until late December to figure out the end of my previous relationship, sort out all my feelings, and be honest with myself that I was way into Cody. This was actually a pretty crappy and guilt-ridden period of time for me but that's another story and it's okay because things were about to get SO much better!

December 26, 2012.

I loooove Christmas and 2012 was particularly fun because I got to spend the day looking forward to a first date with a super cute guy. I still remember the jeans, top, boots, and jacket I chose and the extensive amount of time I spent getting ready. I had such high hopes for this date that my roommate at the time had to help me calm my nerves with a glass of wine (well, she didn't have to try to hard to convince me).

I wish I had a picture of us from that night (I mean I know I looked cute since I'd spent 2 hours getting ready) but I think that's pretty awkward to do on a first date.

Cody planned a great date. First, he picked me up at my door and took me to dinner. We'd met at an Irish Pub and shared a love of Guinness so we started out the night at Cooper's Irish Pub, not far from my house at the time in St. Louis Park.

Cooper's has great typical Irish fare. I've loved their Sausages and Mash and Shepard's Pie. Cody loves their Corn Beef dinner. They also have unbelievable and huge Bloody Marys and Bacon Flights for brunch.

We then headed to Uptown Minneapolis for drinks at Republic. We sampled some different beers.

Republic has a great beer selection and randomly have a great house red wine that I'm pretty sure comes from a box but that's never made me shy away from a wine.

Finally, we took a chilly walk down Lake Street to Bryant Lake Bowl where I beat him in a game of bowling. 

Bryant Lake Bowl is a great Uptown restaurant/bar/bowling alley/theater. I'm always unsure of whether I'm cool enough to be there but it's a great atmosphere and their little bowling alley is so cute. 

Cody later admitted that he had planned the date, revealing one stage at a time so that if it wasn't going so well, he could bail. Perhaps smart, in case I was crazy.

Why was this date so great?

- Cody was super considerate. He picked me up at my front door, held car doors for me, pushed in my chair, put on my jacket, and walked me to my steps at the end of the night.

- He wasn't too considerate. He paid for dinner, parking, and some drinks. But he let me pick up the tab for bowling and a round of drinks there so I didn't feel too guilty or like I owed him anything.

- We had a common interest. He chose the restaurant thoughtfully, based upon our common interest. We were both interested in traveling to Ireland so we had something to talk about right off the bat.

- He asked me out and scheduled our next date before the first was even over. I didn't have to guess about how he felt or what he was thinking.

- We spent almost eight hours together and talked the whole time. We never ran out of anything to say!

I was completely smitten!

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  1. Awww what a sweet post. Bowling is a great idea and glad he was such a gentleman.