Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bridal Shower High Tea

On Sunday I threw a bridal shower for my friend Melissa. I use the term 'threw' loosely because, while I technically invited everyone and planned it, the amazing Saint Paul Hotel took care of most of it.

I love this hotel. It is where I stayed with my sister the night before my wedding, got ready on the morning of, and spent the night with Cody on our wedding night. My coworker also threw me a shower there shortly before our wedding. It was absolutely the cutest thing ever, so when Melissa and Ryan got engaged, I knew I needed throw her one as well.

The hotel hosts afternoon high teas several times a month and they book up quickly. I made sure to make a reservation back in December. Our reservation was on a Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm.

There were five courses. (Of course I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take a picture of the 3rd course).

1st- Spicy Egg Salad on Endive, Smoked Salmond and Asparagus Sandwich, and Shrimp and Pancetta on a Rosemary Skewer
2nd- Petite Chicken Pot Pie
3rd (not pictured)- Blue Cheese Scone with Apricot Butter
4th- Cashew Shortbread, Dipped Chocolate Toffee Bar, Mini Carrot Golden Raisin Muffin
5th- Warm Berry Bread Pudding with Creme

They were small courses but we were completely stuffed in the end. There was also Black Currant and Chamomile teas and we order champagne.

I planned a couple little games but we were pretty busy with chatting and fawning over the tea festivities.

I also made gift bags for the ladies. They included a mini bottle of wine with a customized label, a jar of mints, and an Eos lip balm.


  1. I LOVE this how perfect! The food looks amazing and I love the favors you put together!

  2. Oh my gosh, this looks like it was so much fun!! I am helping put together a shower for my SIL in June, and I just love the tea party theme!