Friday, March 11, 2016

10 Things that Make Me Happy This Week 3/11

I'm linking up with Lindsay and Krysten for the first thing for 10 Things that Make Me Happy. I love the focus on positivity. And also linking up with Liz and Andrea.

-one- It's been between 40 and 65 degrees here all week. In March. In Minnesota. That is completely unheard of. I don't hate winter, but it's been so nice to get out and take three long walks this week.

-two- This graffiti I found down the street from our house on one of my long walks.

-three- We have a day date planned tomorrow. Brunch on a patio and another walk to take advantage of the weather.

-four- Ordering this many beverages at brunch.

-five-  Our colorful dinner last night. I made Paleomg flank steak stir fry. It was pretty good but I think I'd cut down the honey a little bit and add some crushed red pepper to make it less sweet and more spicy.

-six- I'm making the last preparations for my friend's bridal shower on Sunday. A high tea at the St. Paul Hotel. Can't wait to shower her!

-seven- This

-eight- Emailing with our travel agent to start planning our winter break trip!

-nine- Conferences are over! And our principal got us a food truck for dinner during our long night.

-ten- It's Friday!



  1. YAY for vacation planning :) I just went through a travel agent (I hope for your sake it was a much easier process than mine, BUT it's so nice to have someone do all the legwork).

    PS: That looks like my kind of brunch :) Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather -- have a great weekend!

  2. I'll be toasting to you tomorrow because I want to day drink too! I'm thinking beach patio.. the weather is literally summer here!

  3. Ohhh colorful dinners are the best...that picture of those veggies makes me happy. And how awesome that you had a food truck for conferences!

  4. Hey girl! I hope your day date has been/is wonderful today. And the high tea shower sounds absolutely lovely, I'm sure it'll be quite the hit!! :-)

    Thanks for joining Krysten and I, Hun. Have a fabulous weekend xo