Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up June 5-7

Friday June 5th

While Thursday was the last day of school, Friday was the last day for teachers. I finished packing my room early and took off to have lunch with my sister. We went to Agra Culture in Uptown Minneapolis where I was able to get a Whole 30 lunch: Salmon with Chimichurri sauce, truffled mushrooms, and roasted cauliflower tabouleh. YUM.

Then our staff went out to celebrate the end of the year at Surly Brewing. Surly is a really cool place. They were the brewery that led the fight for the legislation to allow taprooms on site of the brewery. It's now absolutely enormous and a must-see Twin Cities destination.

After that Cody picked me up and we went to a tiny little brewery called Bang Brewing. It was cool to go to this biggest brewery in the area to one of the smallest.

Because of Whole 30, I enjoyed their water and nice seating in the beautiful weather.

We also tried to turn Quinn into a dog. She hated the harness we made her wear but loved exploring around the backyard.

Saturday June 6th

Saturday was a really special day for my family. My grandparents owned a farm Northeast of the Twin Cities in Lindstrom, MN. Growing up, I spent every Sunday there. The farm and the surrounding land had been in my grandpa's family since the mid-1800's. My grandpa passed away in 2002 and then my grandma in 2010. Since then it has been a huge ordeal to figure out what to do with the land. It caused my mom, aunt, and uncle a lot of stress. They finally sold it about a month before Cody and my wedding.

With the excitement of the wedding, we kind of brushed by it. With the City of Lindstrom and the Trust for Public Land, they were able to ensure that their beautiful peninsula was preserved as a park. There was a ceremony on Saturday to mark the opening. My mom and aunt did a great job of speaking and it was actually really emotional.

The name of the park means "All Man's Right" in Swedish. Parts of my grandpa's land were sold to be developed in the past and I'm glad that this portion will remain as beautiful as it is now.

Sunday June 7th

We done a ton of nothing. And that was just fine because I don't have to go to work tomorrow!!!

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