Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whole 30 Results

I finished Whole 30!! The end of this journey was definitely more challenging for me than the beginning. Days 16-20 I went to a training where they ordered amazing food for us EVERY day and I had to pass on ALL of it. Seriously, I turned down subs, lasagna, burritos, pizza, and every cookie, bar, candy, and soda that got offered to me. Then, this last weekend, on days 27-29, we went to a friend's cabin and I ate all separate food. Passing on sangria, monster cookies, homemade onion rings, french toast, and so much more, especially right at the end was HARD.

You have to laugh, or you'll cry.

But.....I did it! And I'm really proud of myself! Cody was proud of me too. He brought me these flowers at the end of Day 30.

Obviously the Non Scale Victories are the most important, so here are a few of mine:

- Food freedom: I did not have cravings. Yes, I had jealousy (with all of those things I mentioned above), but I didn't have that urge to shovel food in my mouth uncontrollably. And most of the time it was surprisingly easy to pass things up. It also felt great to not count calories! I never would have guessed I'd see the results I did without counting one calorie.
- Feeling lighter: I don't know exactly how to explain this. I just didn't feel weighed down by the food I was eating.
- Energy: I stopped crashing around 3:00pm at the end of my work day.
- Clothes: They're fitting a lot more comfortably! When I put on some weight this winter I refused to buy any new clothes. So I'm definitely not in need of new ones but the old ones are starting to feel more normal.

Here are the numbers:
Pounds lost: 7
Total inches lost: 17
Neck: -0.5"
Bust: -1.5"
Waist: -5" (!!!)
Hips: -3"
Arms: -1" each
Thighs: -2.5" each

AND my belt went in one notch this morning!

And then I had some wine, and I was so happy (even though a storm interrupted The Bachelorette. I think the wine pulled me through).

Yes, it was a LARGE glass
What will I do next? Well, do it again, of course! The rest of our summer is kind of jam packed with events that I want to participate in fully. There is a span of 9 days, another of 13, and a couple of spans of 5 days that I will eat fully compliant. Then in September when I go back to work I want to do a Whole 50. During the other times I am going to try to be as healthy as possible, I'm going to pay attention to the foods that make me feel bad, and remember the ability I have to turn down foods I don't need.

How Cody must feel


  1. Congratulations! What a good outcome you had too. :)

  2. Hello!!! Congrats on your Whole30!!! SO EXCITING!!!! Seriously such an accomplishment, and hello neighbor!!!!

  3. That is some impressive self control girl. Seriously way to go!!