Friday, July 10, 2015

There are Two Types of People in This World...

I'm not sure what it says about my personality that I like statements that categorize with finality. And never are differences more pronounced than when you are newly married :)

Cody and I joke about this all the time.

I took this picture the weekend after we got married:

Marriage is cutting your pizza differently on either half.
This is a big one for us:

And yes, I'm the one who tortures Cody through multiple alarms
Also, Cody is pretty neat, while I throw clothing everywhere. However, I really appreciate cleanliness, and that seems to evade Cody's vision.

As I started thinking about this, I ran across some funny posts. There is a Buzzfeed post that lets you choose your answer and see with which side of the population you fall.

Omg, clear your inbox! Actually, Cody takes this one step further and moves EVERY email into a new folder.
I guess some people just like to watch the world burn
I don't think I actually care about this one

There's also a Tumblr account devoted entirely to this topic.

Ugh, WHY would you bite into that? I also feel similarly about people that don't string their string cheese.

Once our tech guy at work actually told me my computer wasn't working because I had too many tabs open.

Guess we're those weirdos.

I am also hooked on Gretchen Rubin's podcast, Happier.

She says that it can be helpful to know which camp you fall into. Self-knowledge helps you become happier.

Are you a Tigger or an Eyeore? Essentially, are you excessively cheery or excessively gloomy?
I'm not sure I fall strictly on either side. I try to be positive, especially when I feel I work in an excessively negative environment. However, I really value authenticity. I hate when people bullshit me. It's just lying.

I'm definitely an abundance lover that is trying to embrace simplicity. I love my fridge stocked, my shelves decorated, and options in my suitcase when I go out of town. However, I know I need to get rid of excess stuff. It's cathartic.

Well physically, I ran a marathon. This clearly took long range planning. But I am a huge procrastinator. Gretchen distinguishes between sprinting and procrastinating and I think I am more specifically a sprinter. I deliberately wait for deadlines. I truly think I produce better work under pressure. Starting things too early leaves too much time for hemming and hawing over details.

Lark or Owl? Early bird or Night owl?
Ha! Neither! I can't stay up past 10 and it is a struggle for me to wake up. I could snooze for an hour. But if I had to fall in one direction, it's Lark. I like mornings once I'm up and I feel like I'm missing it if I sleep too much.

This is interesting and I see parts of myself in many different tendencies. I don't think I'm a rebel. Sometimes I'm a questioner. But I'd probably like to think of myself as an Upholder who sometimes needs the external motivation of the Obliger :)

"There are two types of people in this world: Those who believe there are two types of people in this world and those who know better."

Of course it's tempting to classify ourselves and others but this video also hit home with me. We can change. And that's why a growth-mindset is so important. If I want to be an Upholder, a positive Tigger, or someone who uses only one alarm, of course I can change, if I want to.


  1. very true. i can change. but i like my multiple alarms ;) how can you not care which way the TP is on the holder?! lol

  2. Oh my gosh, YES!! I am a break the chocolate bar by the lines, one alarm, leave no email unread, and over toilet paper kind of girl :)

  3. LOL these are hilarious. Also my husband JUST noticed my ridiculous penchant to set 3 alarms and then hit snooze 2-3 more times. I have been doing it for years and it just became a "thing".. so I try to be better. or at least wait until after he's up for the day to hit my 2nd and 3rd snoozes.