Friday, December 18, 2015

Five Things on Friday 12/18

I haven't done one of these in a while (well, let alone any post) It's been a fun week so I thought I'd recap.

-one- We had secret pals at work this week and our annual holiday potluck this morning. My secret pal was our music teacher and she gave me this awesome coffee mug amongst many other thoughtful gifts, including one for our kitties!

-two- My christmas sweater has cats on it. Nothing like wearing a giant sweatshirt, leggings, and boots to work. It's so comfortable that it almost makes up for having school until the 22nd. Almost.

-three- I love this time of year with my students and it's been so much fun lately. But this week, one of my third graders brought a bag of hair to school. Seriously, kids do the weirdest things. She had collected her rabbit's fur as it shed. She asked me if I wanted to touch it. I said, "no, but I'll take a picture of it to share with the internet."

-four- Last night Cody went to a florist and got real mistletoe. He was acting all weird and asking me to come out to the sunroom to look at something. I was being impatient and wanting to leave for dinner. But he was really standing under the mistletoe, waiting to steal a smooch. He's the cutest.

I didn't know this is actually what it looks like

-five- We might actually have a snowless Christmas in Minnesota which is so weird. Last weekend my parents, Cody and I visited the Hollidazzle village in Minneapolis which was full of vendors selling crafts, food, and tasty beverages. It didn't seem very hollidazzl-y without snow but we explored for a while and had some snacks. But this was probably the most worthwhile part :)

Cody and Dad as Nordic winter monsters

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  1. Hahaha that rabbit fur - little kids really are weirdos haha! But your sweater... with the cat... obsessed!!

  2. You spelled Hollidazzle with two "L"s. You really are a Holliday now. Love you!